Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All settled in...

So, Boomer, Lillie and I arrived in Ottawa at the end of May. Boomer is an excellent rider and slept most of the way. Lillie was not put on this earth to ride in a car. She whined a lot of the way...she especially lost it when I would turn on a blinker or the GPS lady would tell us to do something. Lillie was pretty good on wide open long as I didn't change lanes as that would require a blinker!

I have gotten my new drivers' license, a work permit...even though I am not planning on working, and have had my car inspected. Getting my new tags has proven a bit tricky because I did not declare that my vehicle would be staying in the country with me while I am here for 13 months, even though I drove it in. That part was easy to fix...didn't have to go all the way back to the border, just to customs here in Ottawa. At the office to register the car, there was more trouble. Since we are paying on the car and don't own it out right, I had to contact the Florida DMV so that they can send a letter stating that it is ok for me to register this car here in Ontario. So now, just waiting for that to come.

Ottawa is a beautiful city with all that comes with a "city"...traffic, lots of people, cool shops, museums, fabulous restaurants. Unlike most cities that I think of, Ottawa does not have pollution, TOO many people or TOO much traffic. I have visited many of the museums and even though I said earlier that I would not drive downtown, I do and it is so easy! I will post separately about where I'm going and what I'm doing. I have to keep telling myself that I am not really on vacation, I am unemployed. With unemployment comes a lack of funds to do everything that I can think of, so sometimes, it is just regular day to day stuff.

There is a great park within walking distance and Boomer and Lillie LOVE to go and walk there. Boomer chases squirrels and with his two bad legs from three surgeries, he has had to take it a bit easier lately. His legs seem fine now, but given the chance, he overdoes it often. Lillie has had to have a lump removed from her paw and she is healing nicely, but does not need to be out and about walking too much. Once again, I have joined a gym that I am not going to as much as I thought I would. With Lillie's surgery, we have been back and forth to the vet for bandage changes about three times a week. That's my excuse!

Joe is doing well at his job here and enjoys being able to hike and bicycle in this lovely city. It has been pretty hot so we haven't done a lot of hiking, but we bicycle downtown often. He gets to go back to South Africa for some kind of trade show in September and I am going to get to meet him and enjoy a week there! Next week we go to New Brunswick for a week to see the sights there. I can't wait to finally see some puffins! I love them after reading all about them in our old third grade reading series.

I know that I will miss being at school this year, but I am in the process of being approved to volunteer in the schools here. It feels weird not preparing for a class this year. Kind of sad, but I keep thinking about all the cool stuff to share with my class when I return!

~ Deb James, Temporary Canadian