Saturday, April 21, 2012


I'm not sure how time keeps getting away from me so that I NEVER get to post to our blog, but it does.

We made it through our FCAT testing!  As they worked, I looked out at my students and was so proud.  Each one worked very hard to do their very best!

Before the testing began, along with all the practicing and reviewing, we wrote out our "Smart Cookie" recipes.  This is something I saw on pinterest!  If you don't pinterest, I highly recommend that you give it a try!

Our wonderful art teacher, Mrs. Taylor designed our fabulous cookie sheet!

Recipes included cups of confidence, reading and math skills, and a good breakfast!  They even included UNRAAVELing and CUBE-ing, two acronyms we used to help us in reading and math!  

This upcoming week, I hope to have another student blogger write our post for Friday and continue that until the end of the school year.  This blog is mostly for me to remember what we've done so that I can either re-do it next year or not, depending on how it went this year!

This week should be lots of fun!  We are going to start reading Loser by Jerry Spinelli.  I got some great ideas from my Fourth Grade teacher friends at Gemini Elementary!  They read it every year and do some fun things!  Next year, I will definitely try to do it earlier in the year because of the AR level, but we can still focus on some important reading skills WHILE having a bit of fun.  

Students were given an Earth Day Challenge list before we left school this week.  One of the items on the list of challenges is to create something, anything, with recycled items.  They are so excited!  It is not due until next Friday, but I am expecting some on Monday because some students are planning on working on it this weekend!  I love when a voluntary project prompts so much excitement from the students!  Again, thanks to Mrs. Taylor, students had a chance to see some artwork that was made completely out of recycled items for inspiration!  My favorite was a watering can made from a big can that used to house tomatoes!  We are going to set the recycled projects up in the hallway and Mrs. Taylor is going to judge them!

My room mom from a couple of years ago made these fabulous letters out of recycled boxes from cereals and snacks!  We'll put the projects right under this message!

We're getting ready for our trip to St. Augustine in early May so we will be learning more about the city.  This is the field trip I always tried to crash when I didn't teach fourth grade!  I can't wait...I love the city and it should be so much fun experiencing it with my students!  A lot of them have never been. They are in for a treat!  

Students are going to be working in groups on a presentation in social studies.  They will pick a city in Florida to research, with guidelines.  Then, as a group, they will present their findings to the rest of the class.  We have had success with presentations this year and I can't wait to see what each group decides to do.  It is completely up to long as they present the information required in the research!

In science, we are going to be studying Natural Resources.  Students will be putting together a lapbook with information about renewable and non renewable resources, and resources found in Florida.

I am looking forward to an exciting week!  HOPEFULLY, I will have a post this Friday!