Sunday, March 24, 2013

Before Spring Break...

Well, Spring Break is finally here!!!  I am not sure, but I am probably looking forward to a week off even more than my kids!

Before the break, we had lots of testing to do.  District Required Math and District Required Reading tests.  We practiced math and we reviewed skills learned from Unit 5 in reading.

This is our review chart to get us ready for the DRLA test.

For most of the week, we worked on projects that were fun and review:

Using tangrams after reading Grandfather Tang's Story

After reading about the moon, students did a Moon Fact Poster.  Some students chose to do the ABCs of the moon.  Great Job!

Caterpillar turns into butterfly:

Students wrote poems about butterflies.

To review test features, we used old Time for Kids magazines and made collages.  I love the title in the middle made from the magazines!

We had two students go to District fairs!

Kayla went to the District Art Fair.
Her hummingbird is incredible!  Congratulations!!!

Michael went to the District Science Fair...
He won second place in his division!!!  Congratulations!!!

Mayor James...proud teacher!

Enjoy your break from school!!!