Saturday, January 25, 2014

Today in GSP

What we did in GSP...We watched the Watsons go to Birmingham. It was a very good movie. We did a anti-bullying key chains and pins so people everywhere will know not to bully.

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

5th grade pathfinders

Today in pathfinders we started Common Craft. That is when you have a subject that you read, and study about and film pictures in order in the time that it happened. Also you can have somebody reading a script. We started all of ours today based on black history month. It was a great idea that tied in with the month. We had all types of people that made a huge impact on our world today, such as Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and Nelson Mandela.

We have started the pictures and finished the script. We had a lot of fun and will continue with the fabulous project next week!!

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


We had a long break before coming back to school. But now we are back to school! Today in pathfinders we talked about the Sabal Expectations. We also wrote our progress report. But the most fun thing we did today was  something called STEAM. The S stands for SCIENCE, the T stands for TECHNOLOGY, the E stands for ENGINEERING,

the A stands ART, and the M stands for  MATH!!!!  Jakob and I  were at the SCIENCE station!

We were learning about volcanoes. We are doing a poster on volcanoes too. Not just learning about them. Another kid named Paul helped Jakob and I do our poster too. But he also is working on his. I collected some facts today. For example, one the facts is ''the danger area around a volcano covers about a 20 mile radius."

I had a great day at Pathfinders today!
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