Wednesday, February 12, 2014

1st and 2nd Grade Winnie the Pooh Wordles

Students read about how Kanga and Baby Roo came to live in the Hundred Acre Woods.  They chose important or intriguing words as they read to create the beautiful Wordles below.  Making a Wordle of weekly spelling words would be a fun way to study!





Avrey and Julia





Monday, February 10, 2014

4th Grade Pathfinders...The Water-Horse of Barra

Students read and discussed this Scottish folktale.  See answers to questions from our Shared-Inquiry Discussion:

Why do you think the water-horse becomes understanding and unselfish after working for a year and a day on the farm?

Michael Z.
The girl wants to teach the water horse a lesson because no matter how much you love someone
you cant demand to marry them and take them to your home they probably wouldn't like, like the bottom of a loch.
The girl also loved the horse but she knew there is a lesson to be learned. So the girl went to ask
for help from the cows and the cows and one cow said take my cow halter and place it on the horse and as long as it is on him he will be in your power.

Why does the girl want to teach the water-horse a "lesson"?

Luiz N.
She wants to teach him a lesson because when he asked her he had selfishness in his eyes. The cow tells her to put this halter on his neck so he will stay a horse. When she does that he was in her control. She made him work for her father. After one year and one day he grew unselfish. A wise man told her when she hears a cuckoo sound bring the horse to him. After the year and day she heard it and took the horse to him. He had a potion and told her to take off the cow halter. So she did and the wise man asked "I made a potion of honey and the juices of seven times seven herbs. He also asked drink this potion and become a man or go to tir-nan-og you are still free to. He chose to a man and marry the women he liked. They then lived for a long time in barra happily together.