Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Reading Challenges

I am really struggling with getting some (quite a few) to actually READ.  It is completely shocking to me, as I would read all day every day if I could.  So....I am going to try this fun activity by the Queen of Third Grade, Beth Newingham.  I love her!  Can't say that enough.  Even though I am teaching 4th grade, this is a wonderful plan to get kids EXCITED about reading!

Reading Detectives...students read a mystery and try to solve it before the end.  They learn new words like alibi, suspects, red herring (gotta love that one!).  I am hoping that this will entice some of my fake readers and nonreaders to start loving it.  How can we be fabulous fourth grade writers without sampling some fabulous writing?!

One more thing that I have started AND they are on board with it, is genre tickets.  I found some fabulous tickets that they will cash in after they read that particular genre.  Once they have read (and proved their reading) all of the genres, I am going to do something super special for them.  I am thinking pizza party after 4 or 5 have done it.  Maybe before that.  Thanks to the Oh Boy 4th Grade blog! She has some fabulous ideas for 4th grade!

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