Friday, September 14, 2012

Guest Blogger....Madison!

"Experiment Time!!!" Mrs. James said.  "Now let's do something FUN!"  So when Mrs. James said it, we all wondered what it was, so then she explained.  The rules were...under the cup, get the lifesaver and then put it on Fred, the gummy worm.  But most important...DO NOT TOUCH the cup or you're out.  I told Andrew, my partner, that since we can't touch the cup, let's unfold the paper clips and get the lifesaver put on Fred and wala!  It was successful!

Great job with Fred and the blog, Madison!

Here are some other pictures from SAVE FRED!  This activity was to introduce the Scientific Method.

Love the teamwork throughout the classroom!

We did it!!!

The first team to SAVE FRED!!!

So, the most creative way to save Fred.  They couldn't quite get the lifesaver on Fred so that he would not drown....soooo...the boat (cup) was flipped and Fred was placed in the and sound!

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  1. Thank you, Madison, for writing the blog! You did a great job! Saving Fred was so much fun!