Tuesday, August 3, 2010

From Quebec City to New Brunswick...part 1

Everyone says, "You HAVE to go to Quebec City while you're in Canada!" So we did. Quebec City was our stop the first night of our holiday. I can't really call it a vacation since I am currently unemployed...

The city is gorgeous and very old with very old buildings. But...the buildings are all full of touristy shops or restaurants. Don't get me wrong, I love a good shop and a good restaurant, but there was nothing really left of the old. If that makes sense. The buildings are in great shape for being built in the 1600's but I would have like to have seen some history of the buildings somewhere. There was no celebration of what used to be. At least we did not see it. We saw tie-dyed t-shirts and even adult themed items for sale. Oh, and my GPS was ssssssssoooooooo confused by the layout of the city. Roads on top of roads really freaked her out. It was difficult for me to get around and about in my car.

We did have a FABULOUS Ghost Tour in QC. Camilla was our tour guide and had a really wonderful Scottish accent. She was so animated and into every single story she told, you would think that she had been there throughout the events of which she told. This is where we got tons of history! My favorite story is about a ship that sank only two years after the Titanic. It took only 20 minutes for the Empress of Ireland to sink completely and over a thousand people were killed. How long did the Titanic take? The Empress is still at the bottom of the St. Lawrence River. People have been diving to find what they can, but usually cannot get very far because of the roughness of the river. Some people have even died trying to find their treasure at the bottom of the river. I wondered why we never heard about this wreck...EVER. It seems that two weeks later, World War I began and the world was focused on something other than the sinking of the Empress of Ireland. I am definitely intrigued to do more research on this wreck. The ghostly part of the story is that the captain of the Empress had been cursed by a passenger on a previous voyage for turning him in for killing his wife. It is said that this same man is guarding the boat at the bottom of the river and this is why no one can retrieve much from the wreckage.

Quebec City is a quaint old town and I am glad that we went, but it is not one of those places that I feel the need to go back. Been there...done that. And if you are wondering, I did make a purchase at one of those cheesy touristy shops...not tie-dyed and not adult themed, but...still! Remember...I do love a good shop!

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