Tuesday, August 3, 2010

From Quebec to New Brunswick...Part 2

The next stop on our journey was Mirimachi, New Brunswick. This was a precious little town! We arrived on Sunday. We checked into our fabulous accomodations. It was an inn right on the Mirimachi River. The view was a beautiful sight...very calm with beautiful houses right across the way. So, we check in and go to town to find some dinner because the restaurant at the inn was closed. They had had a wedding on Saturday and were out of food! It had been a very long drive from QC to Mirimachi, and Joe and I were wiped out. So once again, we turn to my trusty GPS (I would just sit in the condo in Ottawa if not for her...she is THE BEST!). Joe simply hits restaurants and chooses one called The Tide because doesn't that sound like a delicious seafood restaurant? We follow her directions to a T. I should probably tell you now that there has to be an APB out for my car after the driving I did in QC. The GPS was taking me in circles in Quebec City, and I would have to stop and pull over and try to figure out what's what. On the way into the city, I had to turn the driving over to Joe and I HATE for Joe to drive. He scares me. Then leaving Quebec City...the same driving in circles, but it was early and not much traffic so I was comfortable driving again. At a redlight, I promise you it turned green, so I took off. Listening to the honks behind me and the fact that no other car had moved behind me let me know that I did not see correctly. Ok....so back to Mirimachi...following the GPS directions perfectly to The Tides. GPS girl takes me the wrong way down a one way street...again BEEPING. It seems for one block this street goes from two way traffic to one way and then back again to two way. I saw no sign indicating this...but you know I am not seeing well lately. I am sure that the man beeping at me was just concerned for my safety and not at all aggitated by me. Have I mentioned that Canadians are THE nicest people on the planet until they get behind the wheel of a car, then...not so much? Speed limits are pretty conservative...but no one but me seems to follow them. So where was I? Oh yeah...wrong way on a one way street. We finally get to The Tides, but it is now called something Cowboy and it is closed because after all, it is 7:30 on a Sunday night. We did end up finally having a lovely dinner at a nice restaurant that we just said...hey, that one's open, we're going there. Our waiter was extremely nice and gave us tips for the rest of our trip and talked about the heat wave happening and about us being from the States. Not sure how he knew we weren't local? I am sure that he was absolutely fine behind the wheel of his car. Back to the inn for a nice walk and SLEEP zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

The next morning, we took a long walk early and had breakfast at the inn with the managers, who were from Holland. We enjoyed that lovely view and talked of other travels yet to be for us and for them. Then we were off to Fundy National Park!

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