Friday, August 6, 2010

From Quebec City to New Brunswick...Part 3

We have now arrived at our first actual vacation destination. The past couple of days and nights were necessary to get to Fundy National Park near Alma, New Brunswick. The only real accomodations (other than camping...and I DON'T camp) are cabins on the top of a little mountain with an absolutely gorgeous view of the Bay of Fundy. You could really just sit on the porch and let the stress melt away. Something about water with me makes me so relaxed! Our plans while we are here are simple...find some moose and go kayaking in the bay.

The kayaking part was easy. We went out with Fresh Air Adventures on a very windy day. We were afraid that it would be cancelled because of the harsh wind, but we went out as far as we could go and then turned back a little early. The wind was not so bad when it was blocked by big cliffs, but pretty rough otherwise. Our trip out, we saw a bald eagle in a tree and a harbor seal playing off to the side. Once we docked our kayaks and got out for a snack, one of the guides gave a lesson on tides. I really wished I had had my flip video recorder. She did a beautiful job. There were lots of kids in our group of 23 and she played right to them. Of course, it was us adults with the questions at the end of the lecture. I would love to teach that just like she did. With a little memory jogging, I bet I can do it! After our snack of canteloupe and granola bars...oh and dolse, which they recommended we eat first and then enjoy a drink quickly. The dolse was not good. Yucky even! It is very salty dried seaweed...a delicacy and we saw it everywhere after that! Not good...try it for yourself....but NOT GOOD!

As far as moose go...we used every trick that we knew. Look for them in meadows in the early morning or late right before sunset. There were NO moose in Fundy National Park. The problem really was that there are so many trees, it is hard to find open areas. We went to a couple of ideal spots and waited and moose. The moose didn't get the memo about being in meadows in the early morning or later right before sunset. We had three days in Fundy and then it was time to move on to Grand Manan Island. We did see lots of birds here in the park...more eagles and some hawks. We even got lucky and saw one deer...just as Joe was taking pictures of the sunset. "We'll see tons of moose in Maine later", I kept saying. So we packed up and checked out and were on our way.

On the drive out of the park, there was one lone moose crossing the road in front of us!

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